Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Soul Mate Poetry

Is there truly a soul mate?
Someone on whom you can always depend?
Someone who brings sunshine into your life.
More than a lover and always a friend?
When they hear their voice and know that they’re safe…
It is then when a smile lights up your face.
To know true love, you want to give of yourself.
Thoughts are of them and no one else
It matters not if the road to happiness is a bumpy ride.
As long as your soul mate is there by your side.
You can handle the storms for you see sunny weather.
Life is beautiful when you are together.
Borrow from tomorrow’s sun if there are clouds today.
Pick flowers and savour them, as you pass along the way.
If you find your soul mate
and you love them so … Never forget to let them know
Love with a fervour full of fire.
Let them know they are your hearts desire.
And if they give it all back to you.
Then you will know that they love you true.
Perhaps it was fate … For you have found your
Always loving you…

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