Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dani is clever

Something about Dani personality.
Dani's father had gone overseas for business. Mother took him, to grandma's home.Mother went to the market with grand ma to buy some food for dinner.Uncle and Dani went visiting the neighbours.Dani was having a ball game with grandpa after go from their neighbour."hei, I have spained my waist," granpa cried out loudly."are you all right,granpa?"Dani asked concernedly."I shall call for mother"Then he ran to the neighbour's house.Mother took granpa to the bed, and called for the doctor."Dani, you did a right thing today. Iam proud of u"Mother said during dinner."Dani is clever boy"granny put a drumstick into Dani's bowl.dani was very happy,because he had done a good deed. He enjoyed his dinner very much.

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